Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reflections on a Recent Loss

It hit like ice water. I was so absorbed in my morning until I got the call. “It says that he is no longer with us” said the voice on the other end of the phone. “No, no it can be” came my reply. “He has three kids, a wife, he is a picture of health and they are a picture of perfection.” “His family, his family”

So comes death and loss. Everything which at one moment seemed so important is overcome by the rawest sense of reality.

So often in life, we get so caught up in living for the future that we lose focus of our present blessings. This statement of course is nothing new. We are aware of this behavior yet the struggle to overcome this mindset is, at its core, the constant battle we face in trying to balance the material versus the spiritual world.

By living a life that fully integrates spirituality with the material world, and thus entirely connecting us to our creator, we can live a life of love, generosity and compassion and we can nurture our eternal soul. On the contrary, and as Rabbi Simon Jacobson says, “If materialism rules your life, then you are bound by its laws.” For this person, death indeed represents “the end.”

To the individual that can live their life seeking spiritual gains, their legacy of good deeds will live on through their family and friends. The realization of this influence, unfortunately, is the most profound upon the departure of an individual who lived their life this way.

For Kevin, it is obvious that the impact that he left on so many will continue to live on through his inspiration.

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